HuiGoo Optic Co.,Limited

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HuiGoo Optic Co.,Limited is a leading worldwide professional manufacturer and provider for ponents products. With high quality control system ,rich and advanced experiences in designing and manufacturing products obey customer requirements.

Our fiber optical products are widely applied to CATV System, munication Netork, Wireless Network, Lan System, , Fiber Sensor,FTTH,FTTX , Wavelength Divison Equipment and so on.

HuiGoo Optic Co.,Limited offer a widely range of product lines including WDM, CWDM, DWDM. PWDM, SFP,XFP, CSFP, SFP+, CFP, QSFP, Optical Isolator,Optical Switch, Optical Coupler, Optical Attenuator, Optical Circulator, PLC Splitter, Media Converters, AWG,DWC., we can produce according to guest’s need.

Our products have been sold to many countries,our clients include from TaiWan, Korea, Italia, Vietnam, USA, Germany, France, Russia,Braril,Switzerland,India,Pakistan,Turkey,Bangladesh,UK.